Protecting Property Rights

Lately, Colorado’s natural gas extraction has been the source of major debate in the state. There have been bills debated at the legislature, ballot initiatives put before voters and the formation of a special commission by the governor seeking to find a balance between local and state control of oil and gas regulation.

While the debate over whether a government entity can legally ban the practice of natural gas extraction remains ongoing, we cannot lose sight of the fact that mineral rights are private property. Essentially, when debating a ban on the practice of extracting these minerals, we are debating whether a property owner can access their property. No one would argue that a government entity could prohibit you from accessing your home without just compensation. How is prohibiting someone from accessing their mineral rights any different? Mineral rights owners have the same constitutionally-guaranteed protections as other property owners.

This session I am running a bill, House Bill 1119, that requires a property owner be justly compensated if a government entity prevents them from accessing their property. Regardless of the merits of a ban on the practice of mineral extraction, a property owner should never lose both the right to access their property and the revenue potential of that property. My bill ensures that mineral rights owners are given adequate protections for their property.

House Bill 1119 is scheduled to be heard in the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 12th upon adjournment. We appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter and encourage you to address concerns with your respective representative. You can keep up with all of our updates by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook or visiting .



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